Know All the Do's and Don'ts of Flirting with a Man!

Flirting is one of the most common ways of interaction with the opposite sex. Some people are naturally good at flirting and do it without even putting a lot of effort, but some people need to learn some pointers. However, no matter what, it is really easy to flirt with someone. Most of the girls really want to know how to flirt in a way that they can grab the attention of the guy. The question about how to flirt with a guy will be answered below. While flirting with a guy, here are something you should keep in mind mentioned below.

How to Subtly Flirt with a Guy?

How to flirt? Flirting is a simple way of letting the other person knows that you are interested in them without coming out too strong. As a woman who wants to successfully flirt with a guy, here are some ways in which you can achieve your goal.

1. Make eye contact with a smile

The first rule of flirting is to make eye contact and smile. Even if you see them from far away, make eye contact and smile lightly to let them know that you are focusing on them. While talking to them, maintain a smile unless they are talking about some serious topic.

2. Position yourself close to them

Adjust your position as close to them but not too much. Keep a safe distance that shows that you are interested but not trying to harass them. Lean in closer to them when they are talking about something so that you can listen to what they are saying and keep your torso facing in their direction at all times.

3. Draw attention to your lips

There are a lot of men who consider lips as the most attractive feature in women. So, if you want to attract the attention of a man, try to make your lips look as pretty as possible. Keep them fresh and apply lipstick or lip balm.

4. Ask questions

Once you have initiated the conversation, the best way to keep going is by asking general questions. Questions about their work, life and much more can be a great way to keep the conversation going. Don't just dive into the pool of personal questions. It's better to stick to the lighter topics and takes the conversation in the direction it goes.

5. Listen attentively

Give all your attention to the person you are listening to. Even if the person is talking about something you do not understand, try and be considerate and understand them. The person will feel like you are genuinely interested in them. This is the best way to keep the conversation alive.

6. Softly touch the other person

One of the ways to tell the other person you are interested in them is by physically touching them. Gently touch their shoulders or hands or even thighs if you get a change. However, test the waters before you dive in. A gentle touch during the conversation will make them feel like you are interested.

7. Practice your pick up lines

If you think that you are not good at first impressions, practicing your pickup lines can be really helpful. Make a list of the genuine pickup lines or conversation starters that you can use on someone you want to flirt with. A few rehearsed lines go unnoticed and you can draw a lot of attention. Although you cannot practice the entire conversation, you can give out the best first impression.

8. Be naturally funny and witty

Making a person laugh is the easiest way to grab their attention. So, if you want to grab the attention of the other person, try and be funny. You can crack jokes and give some witty comments. However, make sure that you do not come up with racist or dark jokes that might scare the person you are talking to away. Create a fun and light mood for both of you so that the other person enjoys their time with you and spend more time talking to you.

9. Compliments go a long way

Genuinely compliment the other person. This is one of the oldest techniques of all times and it works. However, don't sound fake with your confidence. Observe the person and then compliment them based on your observation.

10. Be confident

No matter what you do, if you will come out as under confident or nervous, it can be a deal breaker for most men. Most men look out for women who are confident and can hold good conversations without breaking cold sweats. However, it is also important to not be cocky and overconfident. Just be the right amount of confidence that you are in front of your friends and family.

What to Avoid in Flirting?

There are a few things that you should definitely avoid while flirting with a guy and they are given below:

  • Don't over-flirt

The first error a lot of women make is that they over flirt. Over flirt means coming out as too obvious and it might make you look as if you are desperate for attention. Most men are repelled by this behavior.

  • Don't under flirt

Under flirting is as bad as over flirting. If you do not flirt the appropriate amount, you will show the other person that you are not actually interested in them. This will kill the conversation between you and will also end any chance of you being together.

  • Don't ignore the signs

Never ignore the signs that the other person gives through their body language. A person who is not interested in you will start withdrawing from the conversation or someone who is interested will pay attention to you. Don't waste your time on someone who is not interested and check the signs.

  • Don't cling to the other person

Being clingy is another thing that you should avoid at all cost. Being clingy can include sticking by their side without any reason or just being too physically attached to them. This will again make the person feel as if you are too desperate for attention which is not what they want.

  • Don't get into extremely serious conversations

Talking about your job, career or political stands is good, but getting into a really deep conversation in the first meet is kind of the conversation killer. Unless the other person initiates the conversation or gets to the topic, avoid talking about really deep stuff.

  • Don't keep going on and on

Know when to stop talking and avoid blabbering or being too talkative at all cost. If you want someone to be interested in you, just leave the conversation in a way that they come back for more. If you keep going on and on, you will bore them and they will run away.

  • Don't show jealousy

This is for the people who have been flirting back and forth for some time. You should avoid feeling jealous at all cost. Remember that you do not have the rights to be jealous and your jealousy is not justified. So, keep it to yourself.


Here is all you should know about how to flirt in a subtle way to attract the attention of the guy. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind does not pretend to be someone else. Be yourself from the start and you will see that they are naturally interested in you.

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