How to Control the Font Size on Your Screen


Nowadays, it's inevitable to use computers in various places such as in businesses, at home and in school to read and learn. Despite their usefulness and assistance in handling your daily chores, you might face challenges while using the laptop or the PC. One of the main problems is the readability of the text if the font size is unsuitable for easy reading. There are many reasons why you are likely to find text on the screen difficult to read. Among them, the basic problem is that settings may render words too small to read. It is therefore important to learn how to increase font size to ensure that your reading and computer use is not hampered.

Methods to Increase the Font Size on Your Computer

There is no need to strain while reading documents or other forms of texts on your computer because there are different ways in which you can alter the font size for easy reading. Different methods on how to make font bigger on computer depend on factors such as the operating system which can be Windows, Mac or Linux, and the web browsers you are using which may be Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer amongst others.


There are two ways through which you can make font bigger in a Macintosh as discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • Use the command (+)

In MAC operating system you should type the "Command +” which is located on the bottom left corner of the keyboard. However, the position of the key depends on the model of the Mac Computer you are using just like in other computers. It is also important to note that if you want to decrease the font size, you should use the same function key but this time use the (-) Key.

  • Lower the resolution of your MAC

In some cases, the default settings on your Mac might make text on your machine to look extremely small for easy reading. In such a case you will have to adjust the font size to which your eyes will easily read. If the screen resolution is set to default, you should lower it to make the documents appear bigger. You should also alter the size of the desktop icon and the sidebar size.

2. Windows operating system

It is possible to alter the font size in the computer by making changes and modifications to the existing settings.

The easiest way of changing the settings is navigating to the display settings by right-clicking the desktop and then selecting the display settings. Once you are at the display settings, you can use the slider to alter the size to your desired level.

Alternatively, you can access display settings in the Windows operating system by simply clicking the windows button and then typing "Display Settings" to search it. After typing and seeing it pop up, you should then click the enter key after which you will be able to access the font size adjustment slider.

In a case where you wish to make fonts bigger for a small portion of the screen, you have the option of using the magnifier which is a built-in application. To open the magnifier you can use the shortcut by clicking the Windows Key and combine it with the (+) to enlarge and the (-) to reduce. To exit the magnifier, you should use the Windows key + Esc key combination.

3. Websites or web browsers

Depending on the type of browser you are using in your PC, you can increase the font size in the following ways.

  • Mozilla Firefox Font Size Enlargement

Open Firefox, select tools, followed by options, content and the font and color. While at this position you can easily change the default size of your browsers fonts. Some websites, however, have their font sizes already set which means that changing the browser settings might not change the font size. Alternatively, you can zoom in on the page by pressing Left Control (Ctrl) button and at the same time using the scroll button of your mouse to zoom in or out of the page. The fonts will change accordingly.

  • Internet Explorer

Launch Internet explorer then select menu, navigate to view after which you should select the text size option. Depending on the version of the internet explorer you are using, you might have a slider which you can use while increasing font size through zooming.

  • Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can change the font size by launching it, select the customize button, move to advanced settings, web content after which you will be able to alter the font size option.


Computers were invented with the aim of making work easier but its use can be made difficult by factors such as small fonts. If the fonts on the screen are too small to read, computer usage becomes difficult and it is therefore important to come with a way of increasing the size of the fonts whenever a need arises. There are different ways of increasing font size depending on the operating system installed on your computer or the web browser you are using.

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