Freezer Spells: Protection from Annoyance


If I ask you to think of someone who has been making your life a living hell, would a name pop up in your mind? Is it that bully whose ultimate source of fun and joy is annoying you to no end? Is it that crazy ex who still can't get over you or grasp the fact that you two are not meant to be together? Or is it that person who has been bad-mouthing you among your circle of friends? Whether you are being bullied or being stalked, too much hate and too much love both can be extremely annoying that at some point you start to feel strangled. So, what if I tell you there is a solution that would wipe your problematic person away once and for all?

The answer is in two words, freezing spells! That is it, freezer spells to get rid of someone is the only way out for you from that unbearable situation.

What Is a Freezing Spell?

If you are not familiar with it and are wondering what on earth is a freezing spell, simply said it is one of the eminent spells to make someone leave you alone. Commonly practiced in the Hoodoo and Conjuring traditions, freezing spells have been used for centuries and are still being used today. But just to make things clear, they are completely different from break-up spells. They operate by putting a stop on someone's actions, halting them, or freezing them, freezing their tongue from a certain trail of talk, freezing their undesired behavior or even freezing their sexuality. Freezer spells, icebox spells, the chill-out spells are some of the many names of the freezing spells, which are all synonymous with freezer spells, to get rid of someone.

How to Perform a Spell to Make Someone Disappear?

So you want to get back your peace of mind and freedom from that person who's been making you agitated for some time now. That is doable! In order to banish and bind your rival, all you need to do is gather the readily available needed items to cast the spell and you are ready to perform it. You will find that most of the items are already lying around in your kitchen.

1. Choose the things you need to prepare

  • A token or a totem from the targeted person

An item that is representative of that person which can be a picture of the person, a strand of their hair or at the very least, a paper with their name written on it.

  • A container

Which should obviously be an air-tight container, like a glass jar (ideal choice), an air-tight plastic box or a zip-lock back. If you are using a glass container, make sure it withstands freezing, and also when filling it with the liquid, make sure to leave some unfilled empty space at the top to allow for the liquid's expansion in size when frozen.

  • A fluid medium

The fluid in which you would freeze your item in, which is basically water plus a potent agent. The agent added would depend on the desired effect and how you'd want the spell to manifest itself on the person. The agent can be vinegar or lemon if you want the person to be sour or bitter. If you want to turn the person's harsh words into a sourly or bitterly taste in their mouths, use salt as a potent agent. And finally, if you want their lies to burn them in the mouth, then the perfect potent agent would be black or red pepper.

2. Prepare the totem for the freezer spell

After you gather your materials, now it's time to prepare the totem for the spell. First, grab your container and fill it with the fluid medium and the potent agent. Then, stir well to ensure the mixing of the potent agent with the fluid medium. Lastly, put the totem taken from the person into the container in such a way that it is fully immersed in the fluid.

3. To bind and banish a bully

While you are performing the steps of the freezer spells to get rid of someone, you should also try and visualize the outcome. The picture in your mind how the spell you are performing is actually putting a stop to the bully/rival's undesirable behavior. This makes the spell to bind and banish the bully become more effective.

4. Seal and freeze

Tightly close the container, put it in the freezer and allow it to set in and freeze. Another freezing option would be, if the spell is performed in the snowy season, you can immerse the container outdoors in the snow and allow the contents to naturally freeze.

After allowing the contents of the container to fully freeze, voila! The spell is done and that person will be frozen in their tracks from whatever undesired action that they were directing towards you!

In the rare cases that you find the spell's effect is wearing off or not as powerful as it initially was, all you have to do is recharge your spell. Recharging is done by bringing out your container from the freezer, allowing it to fully thaw and then putting it back in the freezer to refreeze it. Recharging your freezing spell can be done many times, in fact, the more you recharge your spell, the more powerful it becomes.

Freeze Your Rival and Restore Your Peace of Mind

A person who bothers you and gives you a hard time will no longer be a pain in the neck. You can finally set yourself free and have that elusive peace of mind restored by performing some simple few steps to cast freezer spells to get rid of someone. If someone is still bothering you, go ahead and freeze them in their tracks now!

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