A Step of Faith Through Prayer to Find a Job


Acquiring job qualifications is difficult and searching for a job can be even more challenging. Have you applied for jobs without much success? Are you at a crossroad and do not know which way to go? Don't give up for there is a way out for you. Are you ready to allow God to direct your path to a new job? Take a step and make a miracle prayer to get a job and I assure you, God will open new doors for you. You can ask God to perform miracles in situations that you are facing, and He will do it for you.

John 15:7, "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

Three Types of Prayers Finding a Job to Get You out of Your Struggles

Make a powerful prayer with faith and believing that God can give you that job you so desire in your heart. The key to your testimony is building your faith and trust in God that you will get your miracle job soon.

1. Prayer of confidence

It's God's wish to carry your burdens, provide for you, and rejoice with you as you walk with Him. Trust and believe that all things are possible. The job search can take a toll on your confidence due to the rejection that you may encounter. Make this prayer for confidence and for the talent and skills that He has given you for the good of all. Ask for His strength to keep your head high, and He will instill self-assurance in you.

"Thank you, God, for the skills and the qualifications that you have given me for the good of all. In my search for a job, I have encountered rejections and challenges that have shaken my confidence. I pray, God, that you give me the strength to keep pushing, because you have commanded us to be courageous and not to be terrified or discouraged. Help me not to lean on my understanding but to trust in you so that you may direct my paths straight. Take all my worries and fill me with your confidence to remain strong as you guide me in the right direction. Restore my strength and instill self-assurance of my skills and abilities that you have given me. Hold my hand through it all and keep me standing in the midst of the storms. I hope and trust you because I know you never fail and you won't start now. Thank you for your confidence and assurance of a better future.”

2. Prayer of opportunity

Unemployment can make you feel like there are no opportunities for you. Struggles make you think there are no favorable conditions for your situations. Be open and direct in prayers and ask God to open doors for you and to give you new opportunities. Knowing there are available chances for you will obtain the confidence and strength to face the challenges. Make this prayer to get a job that you desire.

"Precious Lord, you know the desires and longings of my heart, and I place them before You today. I pray that you help me be able to fulfill that which you have placed in my heart. Help me perform my responsibilities in this world with your perfect guidance. Give me the breakthrough I need to get a job. Help me network with people that will direct me to open opportunities in my life. Enable me to develop the skills and talents I have as I prepare for my new job. Empower me to be confident in my interviews. Let your face shine upon me and cover me with your favor that I will be a perfect match for the job hires that I apply for and that I will be considered. Quicken the job offers and give me that which I desire with benefits and salary that I need. Present to me those open doors for you are faithful, loving and full of kindness. Thank you for the opportunities and your guidance in my life.”

3. Thank God for the good thing He has given you

Believe in God that He will enable you to overcome the obstacles you face in the search for a job. Always be grateful to God for His provisions in your life. Recognize God's doing in your life in the past and the future. Abide by faith and trust that God will see you through this challenging time. Remember, be thankful in all situations.

"Dear Lord, I'm grateful for your provisions in my life. Thank you for loving me and your mercy in my life. In my struggles for the job and other needs, Lord you have remained faithful and loving. As I wait upon you for a miracle job, help me not to forget your goodness to me. I trust you for open doors and a better future for I know you have plans to prosper me and not harm me. Thank you for your blessing does not add sorrow. Thank you for your love”.


We almost forget the power of prayer when we are struggling to meet our daily needs. Unemployment can shake your confidence and drain your energy. In all this, it's important to remember God is always there for you. Present you cares and needs to God, and He will surely make way for you. A miracle prayer to get a job, made in faith and trust in the power of God will get you out of that struggling situation. God is able and always willing to help you whenever you call unto him. Remember always to be thankful.

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