10 Rules for Friends with Benefits


What Is FWB?

You must have heard an acronym in movies or TV shows which is FWB, friends with benefits. This terminology is quite new and is used in the relationships these days. Friends with benefits meaning are that the friends with whom you have an occasional and sexual relationship. There are some rules you should pay attention to in such relationships.

10 Basic Rules for Friends with Benefits

There are 10 rules you'd better obey. If so, I think you will enjoy a good life, rather than being disturbed by something.

1. Don't confuse FWB with no strings attached.

There is a clear difference between friends with benefits and no strings attached, which you need to understand first. The former means that you are friends with each other but also agreed to get busy with each other. The latter one means just sex, no expectations. Before you proceed to make an agreement with your partner, you need to know what you are really having with him or her.

2. Pick the right friend(s).

This one is the most important rule in your relationship. You need to consider all the things if you are adding sex to your potential FWB. You must know what to do if you two are not going to get close further. If things don't go the right way, make sure you are not losing a close confidante friend who knows a lot about you. Keeping your childhood friend as your FWB is not recommended at all. Don't include your co-workers in the list of friends with benefits. Choose someone who is not linked directly to you and who is not friends with some of your relations either.

3. Check-in intermittently with how you're feeling about all of this.

You need to check regularly what you are feeling about your partner. Make sure that the relationship is limited to sexual needs and is not going somewhere else. Make sure you both have the same needs; if your partner is asking for more and you don't need it, this will be harmful to your future friendship.

4. Prep yourselves for safe sex.

Safety is the most important thing if your relationship involves sex. In simple words, condoms are must for the sex. Make sure you are always carrying them with yourself because you may hook up with each other on spontaneous meetings. Equip yourself with all the safety materials before going for a meet-up.

5. Communication is important.

Communication will play a very important role in this FWB relationship. You must have a talk with your partner about the different things between you. You need to talk to each other about your changing needs and all your desires. You can talk to each other about what you like in bed and what annoys you in order to enjoy each other more. These things are going to strengthen your relationship.

6. Limit your relationship to just FWB. Set your limits.

Limits and boundaries are very important in these kinds of relationships. You need to be very careful about all the things you are doing and what you are looking to do in the future. Set some limits about how often you need to see each other. Where do you stay? Can you stay at each other's place or somewhere else? The answers to these questions are important and can define your FWB relationship in a much better way.

7. Monitor the behavior of the relationship

Close monitoring of the relationship is very important. Try to limit the romance, to avoid hugging and kissing in public places. These things can lead to a romantic relationship which is altogether a different thing, while it will push the FWB relationship beyond the boundary. Set some limits and make a list of all the don'ts in your relationship. This close monitoring will help you keep it just an FWB relationship.

You both are friends for sure, but you don't need to see each other at the family gatherings. Make sure you don't invite your friend on your college date or any other family function as a partner. Hanging out with them is good and you can enjoy your sex but bringing them into your family life is altogether a different thing. Inviting them to such events will erase the lines and limits you agreed for this relationship.

8. Address your emotions if needed.

You actually don't get jealous in friends with benefits relationship but even if you are jealous you need to address the whole situation again. Maybe you are developing some feelings due to his friendship with other girls on Instagram or Facebook and need to talk to him about it. You can also end this relationship completely and talk about your emotions with your partner. Try to address such things at the right time instead of feeling resentment later in life.

9. It's not about sex only.

You can add other things to the relationship besides sex. You can have other outings with each other like you can go out for the activities which two of you like. This could be a hobby which brought you together in the first place. You can go out to all these places and come out of the shadow of sex and be friends in these places as well.

10. Ask for more if needed.

The first thing which you need to remember is never entering into such a relationship with someone you want to date. However, there are some slight chances that your FWB can become your life partner as well. If you like your FWB and looking for greater commitment then come forward and say so. If your partner is also on the same page with you, you can make your connection even stronger and look for something that makes you two happier.

Final Tips

Make sure that you are aware of all the rules before entering friends with benefits relationship. Be very careful in these types of relationships because they can have some serious impact on your personal life. You can come across a few disappointments as well and your normal relationship can also get disturbed. Follow the rules mentioned above and avoid all problems.

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